Der Hungerstreik von IRA-/INLA- Gefangenen 1981

von Kirsten Knaack

Song for Marcella (McFarlane)

It doesn´t seem quite so long ago
Last time that I saw you
It´s funny how the memories grow
Seems they always fought around you
They tried to break you in a living hell
But they coudn´t find a way
So they killed you in an H- Block cell
And hoped that all would turn away
They thought your spirit coudn´t rise again
But you dared to prove them wrong
And in death you tore away the chains
Let the world hear freedom sound

Yet the heartache and pain linger on
They´re still here though it´s so long since you´ve gone
But be stronger now you showed us how
Freedom´s fight can be won

I wish there was an easy road to choose
To bring heartache to an end
But easy roads are always short to loose
I´ve seen it time to time again
You could stand by me like yesterday
I´ve found the strength to carry on
So let your spirits shine long the way
And our day will surely come


If we all stand as one