Der Hungerstreik von IRA-/INLA- Gefangenen 1981

von Kirsten Knaack

McElwee´s Farewell (O´Glacain)

Farewell to the life
Likewise Tom laughed of
And the green hills of Derry
That I dearly love
My thoughts return to you
From my dark H- Block cell
So friends and brave comrades
I bid you farewell

For hundreds of years now
We´ve kept on the fight
And the history books told me
Of Ireland´s blight
So with gallant Francis
I follow the course
To conquer the tyrant
And defy England´s laws

Through the hills of South Derry
We marched and we drilled
To our exploits and action
All Irishmen through
Most feared emn in Ulster
Volunteers on the run
We gave England her answer
From the bars of our guns


Oh gallant South Derry
You were forever blessed
In the struggle for freedom
You have given your best