Der Hungerstreik von IRA-/INLA- Gefangenen 1981

von Kirsten Knaack

The People´s Own M.P. (Anonymous)

How many of us must die now
How many men must we loose
Before the Irish people
Their own destiny can use
From Tone or Robert Emmet
To Bobby Sands M.P.
And we gave him 30 000 votes
While in activity

Well no more will he remark sweet notes
Upon hte Ulster issue
All day across the snow flakes poured
The camp is deeply bare
For before he went on Hunger Strike
Young Bobby did compose
The Rythm of Time, The Weeping Wind
And The Sleeping Rose

He was a poet and a soldier
He died courageously
And we gave him 30 000 votes
While in activity

Thomas Ashe he gave everything in 1917
The Lord Mayor of Cork McSwiney died
His freedom to obtain
But never one of all our fallen
Died more courageously
Than young Bobby Sands from Twinbrook
The people´s own M.P.


Oh forever we will remember him
That lad who died in pin
That his country north and south might be
United once again
For to mourn him is to organize
And build a movement strong
With Armalits and bullet bombs
And his music and his songs


Roll of Honour (O´Glacain)

Read the Roll of Honour
For Ireland´s bravest men
We must be united
In memory of the ten
England you´re a monster
Don´t think that you have won
We will never be defeated
While Ireland has such sons

In those dreary H- Block cages
Ten brave young Irishmen lay
Hungering for justice
When their young lives paved away
For their rights as Irish soldiers
And to free their native land
They stood beside their leader
The gallant Bobby Sands

Now they mourn Hughes in Bellaghy
Ray McCreesh in Armagh´s hills
In those narrow streets of Derry
They miss O´Hara still
They so proudly gave their young lives
To break Brittania´s hold
Their names shall be remembered
As history unfold