Der Hungerstreik von IRA-/INLA- Gefangenen 1981

von Kirsten Knaack

Death Before Revenge (Dreslin)

O´Hara, Hughes, McCreesh and Sands, Doherty and Lynch
Joe McDonnell, Hurson, McElwee, Devine
Call me what you will
And tell me what you say
For tomorrow brings a new end
And their way has gone away
For within these walls I see the sun
As it shines over the hill
Down into the valleys
And amongst its apple hills

But when this war is over and I see your face again
Then I´ll tell you of the warriors who occured death before revenge

Now here we starve in prison to support our fellow men
you only have a woollen blanket
And the crucifix in their hand
Bitter screws here last and give them hell
but their spirits they cannot break
Older chins said „keep marching on“
People think you shall not leave it too late


Oh Bobby was the first to og with Francis close behind
The people streamed onto the streets
To have faith was not a crime
And faith is what those men had
When they chose to join our fight
Their actions were political
And those British see we were right


The days rolled by and two more died
O´Hara and McCreesh
Still Thatcher jokes to bite her lip
All the type was not to see it
Still the barricades went up by day
As the bullets come by night
How much longer must we keep this path
There is still no end inside


It´s a dreadful thing that these men joined
Our rights, our march and brave
That´s ten too many coffin nails
Kicked coldly to their graves
We are ten more determent reasons
For to break out of this hell


Sinn ne Fianna Fáil